Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan, earthquake, tsunami, a magnificent people, a courageous nation

The strength of Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake tsunami tragedy has been illustrated through numerous photographs.

People waiting orderly, calmly in long winding lines for water and other essential supplies. Merchants setting up tables on sidewalks offer free food and water to weary walking commuters. Other merchants setting up free electric outlets for these same weary walking commuters to recharge their cell phones. A policeman amidst the disaster stopping to pray over the corps under a blanket.

The world has seen the photographs of displaced things such as mountains of automobiles, cargo containers thrown around as a child’s toy, fire, floods, and grounded ships. The reality of the tragedy was the impact of the people as seen through photographs.

Japan will arise out of this a stronger nation, because of their culture, because of their people. In this tragedy they cause the world to look on with horror over the events and a profound respect for the people.

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taka said...

Many Japanese really appreciate your help from US. We will do something in return for your kindness someday.