Friday, March 4, 2011

Potty mouth at school is fined while Taco Bell attacked by ambulance cha...

At a school in Texas a girl cursed in class exposing her potty mouth. The teacher sent the vulgar mouthed teenager to the school’s office. While there the teacher notified the campus police officer. The officer in turn issued a ticket to the student amounting to a couple of hundred dollars. The potty mouth ignored it, and additional fines were piled on the original fine.

Back before teachers were tied by the “not my child” crowd, if a poorly raised child cussed in class, the back hand of the teacher found its way across the mouth of the unruly child.

The main problem is little girls are urged by the pervert thespians in Hollywood to behave like boys.

A group of ambulance chasers (lawyers) filed a class-action law suit against Taco Bell claiming their beef tacos are not beef. Just an excuse by these lawyers to further tie up the courts in this litigious society.

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