Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libya, President Obama's late and pathetic speech

The President of the United States President Obama home from Spring Break, addressed the nation on March 28, 2011. In this speech President Obama attempted to explain why he inserted the USA into a Libyan war, the third simultaneous war for the USA.

Here are some of his pathetic reasons:

Tyrant in Libya for 4 decades in Libya. So? What about the tyrants in North Korea for six decades?

Libyans took to streets wanting democracy. Syrians did the same without USA help.

UN resolution to act. There were 15 UN resolutions for Iraq and Obama was against that war.

Gaddafi killing civilians. So did Saddam who gassed 5,000 Kurds, and Obama was against that war.

International coalition. So far around five nations committing the military to this Libyan action. Obama was against the Iraq War with a 40 nation coalition.

Mr. Obama said Libya needs nation building. Yet he was against nation building inIraq.

President Obama kept repeating this war in Libya involves America interest, however never stated what those interest are.

Mr. Obama said in his shameful speech, “Wherever people yearn to be free they will find a friend in the US.” Except if you are in Iran or North Korea, The Hermit Kingdom under the thumb of Dear Leader.

A question to President Barak Obama (Democrat and head of the regime) in reference to American’s involvement in Libya: What is the exit strategy for the United States?” Hmmmm?

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