Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Higher gasoline prices, the misinformation begins with the bias news m...

As the price of gas at the pump approaches $4.00 a gallon, the news media is blaming the turmoil in the Middle East. Hooey! The true blame, and / or responsibility lies with the environmentalist in the USA, the Democratic Party, and the Obama regime.

The environmentalists who true intentions are anti-capitalism, successfully managed to halt all new major oil drilling in the USA. This was accomplished by activist judges, and the hijacking of the Democratic Party. The Canadians offered to build an oil pipeline to the USA, however Democrat member of the House of Representatives Henry Waxman stopped it. See article:

The Obama regime stopped oil exploration off shore in the Atlantic. Obama also continues the moratorium on new off shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in the face of a federal judge’s ruling that the ban is illegal.

The Regime wants Americans to stop driving and / or drive less. To accomplish this they in act policies with the goal of causing the price at the pump to rise beyond our reach. The bias news media helping the Obama regime and Democrats to hide this from the American public, blame turmoil in the Middle East. Hooey, again.

When gasoline was $3.00 a gallon while President Bush occupied The White House, most of the evening news was dedicated to the hardships Americans were facing because of the rising price. Now gasoline is approaching $4.00 a gallon, the news media is virtually muted about the hardships and if mentioned, blame the Middle East.

Much like unemployment when it was at 4% during the Bush years all we saw on the evening news and in print was the plight of the unemployed and homeless. Now that a Democrat is in The White House, unemployment near 9% and all of a saddened the hardships and homeless disappeared from the evening news. Can you say, bias news media?

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