Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan nuclear energy hysteria worked up by the Western media

The news media in the West have been behaving shameful and dishonorable in their attempt to encourage anti-nuclear energy hysteria, and exploit the fears of people. The media in the West is agenda driven not to be influenced by facts. Their role is to shape the news, not report the news. They are an embarrassment to societies who enjoy a free press.

The media has focused on the trouble at the nuclear reactors in Japan greater than the tragedy caused by the earthquake and tsunami devastating the lives of millions of people. The media has an anti-nuclear agenda and this tragedy is a vehicle to exploit to promote their agenda.

The headline, “Battle to Cool Japan Plants as Food Jitters Grow,” led the headlines on numerous news websites. Google search brought back 2,610 results. This was a pure attempt to cause hysteria. People of Japan should ignore the Western media as their anti-nuclear agenda will only disrupt the truth.

Green energy? In the USA:

- In the last forty years in the no death or injury was caused to any nuclear power plant workers.
- 800 a year die in bicycle related accidents.
- 126 die a year in candle related accidents.
- 41 died while installing or transporting turbines for windmills.

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