Tuesday, March 1, 2011

U.S. government allowing gun running to Mexican drug gangs?

The B.A.T.F.E (Bureau of Alcohol Tabaco Firearms and Explosives, formally A.T.F [Alcohol Tabaco Firearms]), has or had a program titled “Project Gunrunner” nicknamed “Project Gunwalker.)

This program set up to trace gun sales in the USA to the drug cartels in Mexican, the drug gangs. A gun shop received an order from one person to purchase 575 AK47’s, stating it was for personal use. The gun shop notified the BATFE, who urged the gun shop own to go through with the sales. The AK47’s wound up in the hands of the drug cartels, along with about 2,500 other weapons flowing south under the watchful eye of the USA government – BATFE (ATF).

The excuse was the BATFE wanted to see where the weapons would end up and with whom. Huh? What is even more amazing is CBS News reported this! CBS along with the rest of the news media as apologist for the Democratic Party and the Obama regime.

When Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered on December 14th, 2010, the serial numbers on the weapon used was traced to a gun shop in Arizona. The sale was reported to the ATF (BATFE), and no effort to block the sale or confiscate the weapon.

It has been suggested the AFT allowed these guns to head south of the border to use as a tool to justify an increase budget to thwart the flow of weapons into Mexico

CBS report:

Whoda thunk CBS would report such an expose with a Democrat in The White House?

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