Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sea Shepherd's "Peter the Polite?"

Sea Shepherd’s Peter Bethune was recently released from the Tokyo Detention Center and deported from Japan to his native New Zealand.

While on trail in Japan Peter was brought to tears and expressed his sorrow. Thus Peter the Polite. Once back on New Zealand soil Peter the Polite turned to Peter the Ungrateful. Typical hypocritical behavior of Sea Shepherd types.

Peter started complaining about his treatment in Japan. Remember now according to reports when Peter illegally boarded the Japanese whaling vessel, he refused to be taken off the ship and insisted on being taken to Japan. Peter complained he was put in solitary confinement on the 11th floor of the Tokyo Detention Center, being housed with murders, rapists, and gangsters. Did he expect to find Mother Teresa or Buddhist Monks in prison with him?

Prison is where one would expect to come in contact with murders, rapists, and gangsters. Peter said he was in solitary confinement for 23 ½ hours a day. Did he ever think perhaps he was isolated from the prison populace to protect him from those murders, rapists, and gangsters? Also since he was in solidarity confinement how did he know who else he shared the 11th floor with? Oh, that is simple: probably during his ½ hour of solitary he was introduced to his fellow law breakers on the floor.

Peter also called the New Zealand government of being the lapdogs of the Japanese government. Guessing he was disappointed when New Zealand failed to mountain a military type rescue of him out of the 11th floor confinement.

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ed3721en said...

I agree with you. those peole have quite short memory and never feel shame on it. Paul Watson is symbol of those idiot