Saturday, July 31, 2010

Democrats complain about the rich while being rich

Democratic Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry recently had a seven million dollar yacht built for him in New Zealand (what happened, thought Democrats were concerned about American jobs and blamed Republicans for jobs going overseas?).

Senator then docks the vessel in Rhode Island to avoid paying over $400,000 in taxes on the yacht to Massachusetts. Interesting since Democrats complain the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. When this story hit the media, a few days later, Kerry agreed to pay the Massachusetts tax. What a guy!

The Clintons (Hillary and Bill) are spending anywhere from three to five million dollars on their daughter’s wedding. God bless them for having the money to pay for an elaborate wedding for their daughter. However this once again illustrates the lavish lifestyles of the wealthy in the Democratic Party while they succeed in demonizing the Republicans who are wealthy.

First Lady Michelle Obama with her daughter (President Obama’s wife) are going to vacation at a five-star resort in Spain, renting 30 rooms. Most folks going to a resort look for Motel 6, not Democrats!