Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sea Shepherd endangers the lives of Maltese fishermen

This video was made June 25th, 2010
Sea Shepherd publicity whores (girly men) rammed a tuna pen while two Maltese fishermen were on the pen’s catwalks. After Sea Shepherd rammed the tuna pen, a tuna fishing boat rammed Sea Shepherd. Captain Kangaroo then said they rammed the tuna pen after they were rammed by the tuna fishing boat.

Just one problem: the video below tells another story.

In another video Greenpeace climbs aboard a tuna boat only to be thrown into the sea by the tuner fishermen. Peter Bethune, who did the same to the Japanese whaling ship, did not meet the same deserved faith. Instead he was transported to Japan aboard the ship he illegally boarded. Once again proving Sea Shepherd and their types exploit the politeness of the Japanese culture.

INTERPOL has added Sea Shepherd’s Captain Kangaroo to their wanted list. It is a “blue notice” warrant. Meaning no arrest to be made, just to provide information on his whereabouts. A “red notice” warrant would have requested an arrest.

Greenpeace illegally boards ships and cut nets belonging to others. Sea Shepherd Captain Kangaroo and Cabin Boy are fugitives, while another member or ex-member is currently in jail in Japan. Sea Shepherd purposely rams catwalks occupied by humans in the open sea endangering their lives.

Any contribution to these reckless organizations is tantamount to be a party to or an enabler to illegal, dangerous activities, and aiding fugitives.

Sea Shepherd rams tuna pen with men on tuna pen’s catwalk:

Ramming video with news article:

Greenpeace attempts to climb aboard tuna boat:

Artist renderings by pretend Commodore Tony aka: PropagandaBuster. The renderings are offered purely as a spoof in their childlike artistry to mock the childish behavior of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd cowards.

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Anonymous said...

Your an idiot. One day there wont be any other animals on this planet, because people will kill them all. Thats why sea shepherd and greenpeace protect the nature from stupid people that kill illegally animals.