Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bottom Feeders in China and Texas

Tony talk while driving: The Dallas Morning News reported with a headline – “China finds 76 tons of toxic milk products.”

Toxic milk was recently discovered in China. This after in China when many involved with the scandal in the past were jailed, and two executed. Now it was discovered this toxic milk was being stored. Who would do that after two have been executed? Simple: bottom feeders.

China is not the only place stuck with bottom feeders among their populace. In Texas there is a “castle law.” Meaning one can use deadly force to protect, self, home, family, property and live stock. Yet bottom feeders in Texas still perpetrate home invasions. Texans are so well armed if all the weapons in Texas were evenly distributed among the populace that would come to nine weapons for every man, woman, and child. Yet with all these weapons and the castle law, bottom feeders still engage in home invasions.