Saturday, July 3, 2010

Democrats, voter fraud, one of the same

Recent article appearing in The Dallas Morning News (DMN) headlined: “Is voter ID fight a ‘loser issue’ for Dems?”

The article states 70% of Texans favor voter photo ID. However Democrats are against it. In recent years Democrats across the nation have governed against the will of the people. To the Democratic leadership, the will of the people, our Constitution, the security of our nation, are all to be subverted for the good of the Party.

Many state legislatures trying to enact voter photo ID legislation have been facing opposition from the Democratic Party. Democrats claim it would hurt the poor who do not have nor can afford photo ID. Hooey! Many states have provisions to provide free voter photo ID for those who can not afford to purchase one. The Texas plan is to even allow the poor to show a utility bill.

But the Democrats will have none of that. They do not want to do anything that would interfere or threaten their voter base. Which includes dead people (Chicago style), multiple voters (thank you ACORN), and those in the USA illegally. Their arguments are transparent as their true intension is to maintain their illegal voting record.

It is okay to show photo ID when cashing a check, using a credit card, or boarding an airplane, but not to vote, according to them thar Demicarts.

Remember, the leadership of the Democratic Party only care about the Democratic Party. Not you, our laws, our nation, or our security.

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