Sunday, July 18, 2010

Belarus pillow fight

When the Evil Empire collapsed (the old Soviet Union – USSR – Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics), many smaller nations emerged out of its ashes.

In 1994 one such nation was and is Belarus, the capital being Minsk. Recently the youth of Minsk decided to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. The celebration was to take place in front of a huge open space in front of the National Library.

Info on the Battle of Grunwald:

On the day of the pillow fight the police wielding clubs broke of the 400 person pillow fight arresting around 40 people engaged in this youthful event. How is it a despotic regime fears pillows?

The way the commies in Beijing fear religion, is the same way the bums in the Minsk government fear pillows and young folks having harmless fun. The Minsk authorities claim the event was in violation of the Mass Events Laws, article 5.

The president of Belarus is a person named: Alexander Lukaskenko. He has been labeled “the last dictator in Europe.” He has maintained his office through a series of questionable elections.

This video is a result of a small article that appeared in The Dallas Morning News. On that day the article appeared a website was attacked and brought down. This is an organization dedicated to increase the freedoms in Belarus.

On Valentine Day in the city of San Francisco a huge pillow fight erupts. The city is now considering banning the pillow fight due to the huge cost of the clean up afterwards. Will San Francisco become the Minsk on the Pacific?


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