Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sea Shepherd ran scared in the Faroe Islands - again!

Message received from a person living in the Faroe Islands:

Hi Tony,

Two nights ago, a grind (whale kill) was in the town of Klaksvík in the Northern Faroe Islands. About 228-230 Pilot whales were killed.
Today 20th, a man was walking around the harbor in Klaksvík, watching while the whales were slaughtered (Blubber and meat being cut off. You know what I mean) by the men. Then, a citizen of Klaksvík went to this man, thinking he looked just like Peter Ola Hammerstedt (Watsons Captain Boy). The citizen shouted “Hey, Peter “after him. But this foreign man just answered “My name is Fredrik " and walked away fast! (His cower was blown)

This foreign man, was indeed Mr. Captain Boy. He had got his hair cut, and painted his hair color, so he thought he would not be recognized. He must think that we islanders are brain-dead.
And later this day, he left the islands again. But before he was able to leave, the police took him in to questions. There they looked at his passport. It said his name was Peter Ola Hammarstedt, Sweden, and Born in 1984. (I think). And the coward denied being in Klaksvík. But he was there, photographed. Got''cha:D

There is a photo of the cowardly coward.When the Queen of Denmark was here a few weeks ago, PET (The Danish version of FBI) told the Faroese police and those responsible of matters like this, that Sea shepherd had plans t come back to the Faroe Islands. Or Paul Watson would. This summer. But instead that fat beast sends his captain boy. Sacrificing him. Just like Peter Bethune.I just wanted to inform you about this matter. Do a video or something if you like...-

signed: (Proud patriotic Faroe Islander) :D


Anonymous said...

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Jack Breed said...

Good ! finally a place where the people can hear about the other side of the pig eating Watson.
I really hope the Faeroes will speak up for their right to catch a few grindawhalur. Make known that Watson put your waters on fire, polluting it and endangering peoples lives. Let him fight the big companies who pollute the earth.

ingloriouscommunist said...

You're a narrow minded piece of trash, you belong at the bottom of the ocean to rot with the carcasses of those innocent animals you kill to make yourself feel like you are some kind of a real man.

I hope a fascist communist propagandist ends up being the one to send you to pay your comeuppance. Burn in hell you worthless of Faroese island garbage