Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BP Gulf oil spill, blame Democrats and environmentalist

Environmentalist are basically anti-capitalist. Every rule, regulation, requirement issued by this group in one way or another stifles capitalism.

The environmentalists have hijacked the Democratic Party and the news media, thus corrupting the debate.

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig was placed way out in the Gulf because environmentalist do not want drilling on land or near the shore. Thus the rig was so far above the ocean floor it became difficult to manage the spill. Just what the environmentalist desire, thus being able to label Deepwater Horizon the oil equivalent to Three Mile Island. Three Mile Island nuclear facility being responsible to the nation’s aversion to nuclear energy.

The Obama regime refused at first to allow foreign skimmers. Then the Coast Guard shut down two skimmers for 24 hours for lack of life preservers. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) hindered the skimmer operations claiming the water return to the Gulf from the skimmers was polluting the Gulf. Note that water was Gulf water returned to the Gulf less the majority of water within it.

The coal mining industry is under attack by this Obama regime. The majority of electricity in the USA is produced from coal electric plants. With the regime shutting down oil and coal production you can say bye-bye to the USA economy and hello to higher price for electricity, gasoline, and petroleum based products.

The Canadians wanted to build a pipeline to the USA shipping Canadian oil to the USA. The Democrats blocked it. So now the Canadians will build that pipeline to their west coast to ship it to China. Thank you Democrats! Signed: Mao and his commie minions.

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