Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arizona, a victim of an activist judiciary

Arizona’s SB1070, illegal immigrant legislation, was stopped in it’s tracks by activist U.S. Federal Judge Susan Bolton. Judge Bolton is a Democrat, and a Clintonista (appointed by President Bill Clinton).

Since them thar Demicrats (Democrats) are unable to get their extreme left-wing agenda passed through the legislative process (as tradition in a representative democracy), they pursue their extremist agenda though the courts riddled with an activist judiciary.

For years the Democrats have been installing fifth-columnist in the judiciary, a waiting extremist time bombs ticking away to explode with their hideous agenda.

The people of Arizona spoke through their elected representatives to halt the illegal immigrant epidemic that is investing their state. The Democrats unable and unwilling to accept the will of the people circumvented the legislative process through an activist judge.

Republican Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona will advance the case through the courts, next step being the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, better known as the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals. If this court moved a bit further to the left, they would shove Mao off the bench.

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