Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sea Shepherd poem

Enjoy the reading of the Sea Shepherd poem and the artist interpretation of the poem:

“There once was a boat Ady Gil,
who thought that it could save the whales.It made the young girls swoon,
but couldn't hold up to a harpoon,
and now poor Pete's in a Japanese jail.
The Sea Shepherd’s said what's the fuss,
ole Pete's not really one of us,
he's served his purpose don't you see.
So kids beware of this tale,
lest you end up in a Japanese jail.
Put your trust in Sea Shepherds when you sail,
and you'll be eating whale meat with ole Pete in jail.”

Poem by YouTuber: redlegagent
Artist rendering by Tony
Repugnant behavior and inspiration for both the poem and artist rendering: cowardly girly men.

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