Monday, July 5, 2010

Offensive Italian Crucifixes

A lady born in Finland moves to Italy. Her two children attend an Italian public school in the northern Italian city of Abano Terme. To the mother’s horror she discovered Italian public schools have crucifixes in their classrooms. The horrified foreigner complained and went to court.

Over the past eight years one court after another until it reached the European Court of Human Rights based in Strasbourg, France. The Court ruled the crucifixes are illegal. However the Court did not order their removal.

The Italians are going to appeal the decision which could affect 47 countries belonging to the Council of Europe. Ten other country governments are being represented at the hearing as an official third party in support of Italy. Some of those ten are: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Monaco, Romania, Malta, San Marino, and Russia.

What is odd is the order to display crucifixes in Italian classrooms was issued in the 1920s when Il Duce (Benito Mussolini – Fascist dictator of Italy) was in power. However this foreigner from Northern Europe is proving to be more intolerant than Il Duce.

So typical of liberal busy bodies who travel to another country to disrupt that nations history, culture, and customs. Do not like it in the country you are a guest in? Leave!

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