Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Murderer seeking to escape execution claiming mental illness

In 1994 Bruce Carneil Webster with fellow murderers abducted 16 year old honor student Lisa Rene rapped her for two days in motel rooms, smashed her in the head with a shovel, causing unconsciousness, then buried her alive.

Now that he is facing execution for this murder, his lawyer is claiming he should be spared because of his mental illness. Yet he was mentally capable to rape Lisa Rene over the course of two days, smash her head with a shovel, dig a grave, and bury her alive. No problem there with his mental abilities.

In essence it can be argued anyone who commits such a series of crimes as this murderer did has to be mentally challenged. Mental incapacitation should not be used as an excuse to spare this murderer’s life.

The judge in the trail Judge Terry Means ruled Webster was not mentally retarded and sentenced him to death. The tax funded appeals followed.

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