Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Who is the real Nils Greskewitz of Sea Shepherd?

 Who is the real Nils Greskewitz 
Sea Shepherd?

Below are photographs of Sea Shepherd’s Nils Greskewitz according to Sea Shepherd.  First two in the Faroe Islands 2015, the third one in Taiji, Japan 2012.  Are the photographs are of the same person or three different people?  

The second photograph wearing the blue knit cap does not resemble the Niles in all the other photographs.  The first two photographs were taken the same month in the Faroe Islands, yet one does not look like the other. 

Nils Greskewitz Faroe Islands 2015
Nils Greskewitz Faroe Islands 2015
Nils Grreskewitz Taiji, Japan 2012

Nils Gartner Greskewitz June, 2015 Facebook photo
Nils Faroe Islands 2014

In the first two photographs above Nils is in the Faroe Islands June, 2015, no smile.  Second two photographs not with Sea Shepherd with smiles.  Last set of photographs in the Faroe Islands 2014 with smiles because he was with five people not with Sea Shepherd: two Americas, three Japanese.    

Two videos on Nils Greskewitz Cove Guardian incident in Taiji, Japan:

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