Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Japanese and USA teachers, the slobs are noticed

Japanese and USA teachers, 
the slobs are noticed

Between Japan and the USA can you guess which teachers have a majority of slobs?  In a recent edition of The Dallas Morning News on the front page of their “Metro” section was a large colorful photograph of four people: two in middle high school students the two as book ends on the left and right are teachers.  The teachers in the photographs are an embarrassment illustrating absolutely no desire to set a good impression as role models.  As individuals they are probably very nice people, as role models in the direction of proper attire they are miserable failures.    

This was a glowing and pathetic example of the degradation of the once culture in the USA.  Want to bet the custodial staff at the school are dressed well.  Now travel west across the Pacific Ocean and look at teachers in Asia, specifically Japan.

The teachers in Japan take pride in their attire while providing a positive role model for their students.  Before the middle 1960’s in the USA teachers also dressed as well as current day Japanese teachers.  While the educational system in Japan has progressed forward, in the USA educators have dragged American students into the abyss of the far distant past. 

In 21st century America no culture is the culture.       

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