Tuesday, June 23, 2015

China Ivory market cover-up

China Ivory market cover-up

The City of New York along with various Federal and State agencies recently held a public crushing of ivory in Times Square.  The pulverized ivory was confiscated from the illegal trade in African Elephant tusk – ivory.

In reference to this event The Dallas Morning News published a story from the Associated Press in their June 20, 2015 edition.  Reading the article it was noticeable either The Dallas Morning News or the Associated Press purposely omitted the intended market for this illegal trade. 

Referencing the story in the United Kingdom’s (across the pond) news outlet “Daily Mail,” the truth was located.  The Daily Mail had no trouble reporting the truth the ivory was intended for the China market.  Whereas the bias American news media once again in fear of having their Beijing news bureaus closed, omits The Middle Kingdom (China) from the possibility of a negative report.  

Note:  At the 2:18 point the newspaper illustrated is not an authentic one, it is fictitious.    

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