Friday, June 12, 2015

Western Tourists desecrate Malaysia

Western Tourists desecrate Malaysia

Western cultural imperialist imposed their depravity upon a scared site in Malaysia.  Imperialist from the West historically imposed upon nations in Asia by the use of force.  Twenty-first century Western imperialist use a less violent method.  No guns, cannons, or gun boats, instead they resort to cultural and culinary imperialism.   

Ten tourists from the West traveled to Malaysia to the state of Sabah, the island of Borneo to trek up Mount Kinabalu.  Mount Kinabalu (Kina balu) is protected as Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site.  It is a sacred place believed by locals to be “revered abode of the dead,” or “the revered place of the dead.”

The ten from the West arrived at the location and hired a local guide to take them up the mountain.  Once they reached the summit (top) of the mountain, the ten from the West started removing all their clothing to photograph themselves in the nude at this tourist attraction.  The guide pleaded with them not to remove their clothing.  They replied with insults, calling him “stupid” and telling him to “go to hell.”  Then they urinated on the mountain.

It seems there is a fad among social media for idiots to travel to tourist sites and photograph themselves nude at the location.  Really?  Best place to do that would be the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France due to that location being notorious for pickpockets.  Thus being nude would avoid any pockets to be picked.  

About a week later an earthquake hit Mount Kinabalu killing eighteen people, mostly tourist.  It was the strongest earthquake to hit Malaysia since 1976 / 39 years ago.  Many locals believe this was a result of the ten Western imperialist disrespectful behavior that angered the mountain. 

The ten imperialist from the West were from Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.  To date four have been detained by authorities.

Note to those who travel to foreign countries:  When traveling to another country plan to respect the culture and traditions or do not go at all.  The best place to be rude is in your own country. 

Too many people travel to other countries behaving miserably.  Most of the miserable behavior is anchored in a total disrespect to the host nations culture and traditions.  
If that is you:  STAY HOME!  

If you have the urge to be rude in a foreign nation then travel to France because your rudeness would not be noticed as it will blend in with the locals.         

Why is it most of the rude tourist in Asia are from the West?  How many rude Asians tourist have been observed in the West (exclude Chinese because even the Chinese government recognizes their citizens behave as badly as Western imperialist when traveling)?

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