Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sea Shepherd held a press conference and hate from the minions

Sea Shepherd held a press conference and hate from the minions

Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands held a press conference and virtually no one showed up.  There was one reporter from a local television station and asked no questions.

The clowns of the floating circus (Sea Shepherd) were furious at this no-show and no attention.  The four members of Sea Shepherd who held the no-show press conference were B grade clowns, so why show up to see the B team?

The insignificant B team members were Rosie Kunneke, Alex Cornelissen, Ross McCall, and Wyanda Lublink.  All four low grade minions of the cult drawing absolutely no interest.  As oppose to 214 when Sea Shepherd held a press conference it was well attended by the Faroese media.

Last year the celebrity cult clowns were Cabin Boy (Peter Helmethead) and Flea Face, two notable and notorious clowns.  They drew crowds out of curiosity and to be laughed at.   

It was difficult for their minions to comprehend why no one would want to hear what their culinary and cultural imperialist had to say.  They left the usual comments of reprehensible hate on Facebook towards the people of the Faroe Islands.  Please read and be disgusted by Sea Shepherd supporters:  
  The above reads:  Shove blood down their baby throats and ask them how they LIKE IT.

Sea Shepherd reporting the no-show press conference:

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