Monday, June 29, 2015

Faroe Islands Sea Shepherd slept again?

Faroe Islands Sea Shepherd slept again?
While 20 to 30 whales were being harvested in the Faroe Islands, the guardians of the whales were nowhere to be found.  The harvesting happened without any attempt by Sea Shepherd minions to save the whales. 

Criminal Watson claims around 70 minions are in the Faroe Islands to protect the whales.  They brag getting arrested is a small price to pay to protect Watson’s clients, the whales.  Yet while around 30 of the criminal’s clients were being harvested where were the clowns of the floating circus sleeping again? 

Were they hiding in fear of being arrested if they interfered?  While Sea Shepherd continues to illustrate they are miserable failures in protecting the whales, suckers around the globe still donate to this cult group.  Why?  With liberals they do not judge results, just intentions.  Since Sea Shepherd claims they will protect the whales as their intention, the fact they are failures accounts for nothing with the suckers.     

Sea Shepherd claiming will follow the law and looking for minions to travel to the Faroe Islands:

Sea Shepherd announcing their return to the Faroe Islands for the 2015 summer:

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