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Save the seals in the Faroe Islands

Save the seals in the Faroe Islands

The clowns of the floating circus are providing the good people of the Faroe Islands another summer of free entertainment.  Their 2015 campaign is named “Operation Sleppid Grindini,” with goal of preventing any whales from being harvested. 

Perhaps one positive can be attributed to the criminal leader and that is consistency. 

The cult leader Watson in his 1993 book “Earthforce” on page 43 wrote:   

"If you do not know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then simply follow the example of an American President, and do as Ronald Raegan did - make it up on the spot and deliver the information confidently and without hesitation.”

The operative words in the above quote are “…make it up….”  Meaning it is okay to lie.  He wrote it was okay to lie and over the twenty something years that seems to be their guiding modus operandi maintaining consistency. 

A recent note on the criminal’s Facelessbook (Facebook) he wrote in reference to the clowns being in the Faroe Islands, “Sea Shepherd volunteers are ………..In the Faroe Islands defending seals.” 

“Defending seals” in the Faroe Islands?  The last seal hunt in the Faroe Islands was in the 1920’s.  Is Sea Shepherd 95 years late?  Or are they appealing to a niche group, those who care for seals, as another source on money donations? 

The Faroe Islands do issue Christmas seals, could those be the seals they are defending?   Was it a
Faroese Christmas seals
typographical error when he wrote it or just another lie (“make it up”)?           

Rough analysis of the new laws passed by the Faroese Parliament:

  • Prohibits ANY interference with any whale inside the Faroese Territorial boundary.
  • Will be arrested, if they come within 1 Nautical Mile of a Grind.
  • The Police now have the authority to arrest people preemptively and detain them for up to 12 hours without charges, if they can be suspected of planning to interfere in the Whaling.
  • It is illegal to plan, order or recommend someone to break the law. The person doing so will be arrested.
  • The Police now have the authority to perform house-, car- and ship searches, as well as strip-search persons WITHOUT Court Search Warrants, if the Police suspect intentions of breaking this law.
  • ANY equipment used to break the law or intended for breaking the law can now be confiscated.
  • The recommended jail time for EACH breach of the law is set to 2 years.
  • The MINIMUM fine for breaking the law is ($3.800) which DOUBLES for every additional violation.
This law was passed unanimously by the Faroese Parliament on May 13th 2015.

Faroese welcoming party for Sea Shepherd
As of this writing the cult groups rust bucket garbage scow MV Brigitte Bardot arrived in the Faroe Islands to a welcoming party of Faroes police on the pier where they will dock.  

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