Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sea Shepherd begs, Faroe Islands harvest, Japan prepares

Sea Shepherd begs, Faroe Islands harvest, 
Japan prepares

While the floating circus cult group of clowns from Sea Shepherd are about to descend upon the Faroe Islands the whales have demonstrated another quality of theirs.  According to animal rights devotees’ whales are highly intelligent and now we discovered another attribute.  The whales are also compassionate. 

Recently over 150 whales in the Faroe Islands donated free food to  the inhabitants of one of the islands named Vagar.  There are over 3,000 people on the island and thanks to the compassionate generosity of the whales all the inhabitants will be getting free food.  These whales were compassionate enough to swim to the Faroe Islands to be harvested for free food.

Where was Sea Shepherd with their 2015 Faroe Islands campaign named “Operation Sleppid Grindini?”  The clowns were too busy begging for materials to be concerned about the 150 or so compassionate whales.  Here is a list to the loot they are requesting from criminal Watson’s Facelessbook page:       

• Binoculars
• Go-Pros
• iPhones and iPads
• Rain gear
• Vegan instant soups
• Vegan power bars
• Flasks (to store stolen beer?)
• Super powders
• DSLR cameras

The clowns had the above items last year in the Faroe Islands.  So why the need for new loot?

While the people in the Faroe Islands are enjoying free food, and Sea Shepherd is begging once AGAIN, the Japanese were preparing.  The Japanese authorities conducted various exercises to deter illegal foreign entry.  In one drill the authorities used zodiacs to chase down a mock-up illegal boat.  Curiously on the side of the villainous boat was a skull and cross bones.  Similar to the design used by the Sea Shepherd cult group.

Sea Shepherd begs, the people in the Faroe Islands enjoy free food, and the Japanese prepare.  More material for additional videos this year 2015 - Thank you!!!!

Rough analysis of the new laws passed by the Faroese Parliament to address the floating circus menace:

  • Prohibits ANY interference with any whale inside the Faroese Territorial boundary.
  • Will be arrested, if they come within 1 Nautical Mile of a Grind.
  • The Police now have the authority to arrest people preemptively and detain them for up to 12 hours without charges, if they can be suspected of planning to interfere in the Whaling.
  • It is illegal to plan, order or recommend someone to break the law. The person doing so will be arrested.
  • The Police now have the authority to perform house-, car- and ship searches, as well as strip-search persons WITHOUT Court Search Warrants, if the Police suspect intentions of breaking this law.
  • ANY equipment used to break the law or intended for breaking the law can now be confiscated.
  • The recommended jail time for EACH breach of the law is set to 2 years.
  • The MINIMUM fine for breaking the law is ($3.800) which DOUBLES for every additional violation.
 This law was passed unanimously by the Faroese Parliament on May 13th 2015.
Criminal Watson’s Facebook page requesting the loot:

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