Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Caucasian war on Christians

Caucasian war on Christians

A small town in East Texas named Hawkins with a population of just one thousand is being threatened with legal action over a sign.  As one enters the small hamlet there is a sign greeting people which read “Jesus Welcomes You To Hawkins.”   

One person filed a complaint with the Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation.  The group then notified the city to remove the sign or face legal action. 

Hawkins, Texas is a town with a majority Caucasian population (76.9%) making it reasonable to suspect a Caucasian filed the complaint.  This is a reasonable deduction not only because of the town’s demographic but also because of the demographics of past militant atheist. 

End of prayer in public schools: Was it Black Americas who filed the suit?  No it was a Caucasian.
Roadside crosses memorializing the death of a love one:  Did Spanish Americans file complaints?  Once again Caucasians.
Cross taken off the Los Angeles County seal:  Did Asian Americans complain?  No, it was Caucasians.    
Cross placed on private land in the middle of the Mojave Desert to commemorate World War One veterans:  Did Native Americans sue to remove it?  Caucasians again.

Why point out Caucasian militant atheist?  Answer:  When Christianity spread out from Europe to the rest of the world, it was Caucasians riding the backs of European imperialist colonizing large portions of the world spreading the Faith.  These Caucasians were responsible for the world-wide spread of Christians and now their Caucasians descendants are suppressing Christianity in the United States. 

As for Europe:  Basically Caucasians have abandoned Christianity.     

Remember the Constitution to the United States of America protects freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.      

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