Tuesday, May 26, 2015

USA news media shark fin cover-up

USA news media shark fin cover-up

The Texas State Legislature meets every two years, this year 2015 being one of those years.  The Dallas Morning News printed an article appearing 15 April 2015 written by Robert T. Garrett.

The article reported the Texas Legislature is considering pending legislation to ban shark fins in Texas.  The Genesis of this proposed ban can be located in the method used to acquire the shark fins.  Typically a shark is captured, the fins sliced off, and then the shark still alive is tossed back into the ocean.  Without any fins, the shark sinks to the ocean floor to die a slow miserable death.  Absolutely barbaric. 

The article claimed “Certain Asian restaurants in many parts of the world, including big cities in Texas, reportedly serve shark fin soup as a delicacy.”  Really, “certain Asian….?”  According to an article appearing in The New York Times in 2011 (see link below), the barbarism committed against sharks is to satisfy the demand for fins in China, not “certain Asian….” 

Here we have a glowing example of the American news media attempting to sanitize China’s soiled reputation in reference to shark fins.       

Article referenced in this video (NOTE in this article the caption below the photograph mentions China, however when the article appeared in the printed issue of The Dallas Morning News the photograph and caption was omitted) :

New York Times article:

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