Thursday, May 14, 2015

Schools and honesty in Japan

Schools and honesty in Japan

Why I love Japan:  schools and honesty.  Many Japanese students when entering their school, they remove their street shoes to be placed in a locker or open rack in exchange for their school shoes.  When the shoes are placed in an open rack or in lockers without locks, there is no concern for theft or vandalism.  Try that in a USA school where at times name-brand sneakers are stolen right off the student’s feet.

It has been reported in New York City school janitors earn over one-hundred thousand dollars a year.  Not in Japan.  In Japan the student clean the schools.  This teaches them respect and responsibility.  In addition impresses on the student to think twice about littering or making a mess in the school.

At the start of the school day, the students in unison bow in respect to their teacher.  This practice also takes place in a few other Asian nations.

unattended store racks on street in Tokyo, Japan
Many merchants leave store merchandise on or in racks placed on the street outside the store.  No employee or surveillance camera keeps watch.  None is necessary in an honest society. 

School janitor pay in New York City:
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Why I Love Japan: schools and honesty

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