Saturday, May 9, 2015

More Chinese poison in the USA

More Chinese poison in the USA

A popular television weekly documentary show named “60 Minutes” had a report on the laminated flooring from China sold at Lumber Liquidators.  The report claimed  “…..the Chinese laminate flooring contained high levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.”

What did Lumber Liquidators do?  They kept on selling the poisoned product from China.  Then recently Lumber Liquidators noticed their sales were declining and that is when they announced they will no longer sell the Chinese poisoned product in their stores.  You think?

When are stupid Americans going to learn some manufacturers in China are out to poison or harm their customers in the USA?  What kind of a business model is that?  The Middle Kingdom (China) has shipped in the past to the USA poisoned wallboards, tainted children toys, poisoned dog food, and poisoned baby formula.    

Made in China:  at your own risk.

It is understandable some products no choice but to purchase made in China.  However many cases there are choices to be made all though at a higher price, but what is the price of your health worth?

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