Monday, May 4, 2015

Terrorist - 0, Texas Traffic Cop - 2

Terrorist - 0, Texas Traffic Cop - 2

City of Garland, Dallas County, Texas, USA:  A group called “American Freedom Defense Initiative” held a “Muhammad Cartoon Contest,” in reference to the Muslim Prophet.  Towards the end of the event on a Sunday evening two Muslim terrorist arrived outside the venue held at the Curtis Culwell Center.

The two terrorist drove from Phoenix, Arizona to Garland, Texas prepared to commit acts of terror, so they thought.  When they arrived they exited their vehicle shooting an unarmed security guard.  Two Garland police officers within seconds responded.  One of the Garland police officers who is a traffic cop using his service weapon (a Glock) put down the two terrorist causing both to die on the spot. 

The two terrorist both wore body armor and had automatic weapons were no match for one lone Texas traffic cop with a side arm.   These two did not plan on the weapon proficiency of Texas law enforcement and the professionalism on a traffic cop. 

The two dead terrorist Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi were offended by freedom of expression enjoyed in the United States.  Terrorist Elton Simpson was known by the FBI and on a “watch list.”  Really?  Being on a “watch list” does that mean all the authorities do is “watch?”

Note to terrorist:  Texas is not Paris, France.  The police in Texas are armed and know how to use their weapons in the commission of their assigned duty with respect to protecting the lives of Texans. 

Score:  Texas 2, ISIS 0.

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