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Christian survey, fact or fiction?

Christian survey, fact or fiction?

America’s war on Christians continues.  For about the last thirty years there has been a War on Christians in the United States.  Officially it is not a battle the Federal government as initiated or engaged it.  The combatants who initiated this War on Christians are liberals, pervert thespians in Hollywood, popular culture, academia, the public schools, the news media, and the Democratic Party. 

Article 1 of the United States Constitution protects religious freedom and to these combatants it is a document to be ignored.  Many liberals including President Obama lament the Constitution is flawed because it is a document that protects the rights of people while restricting what government can do.  Because of this perceived flaw, it is a document to be ignored by liberals.  Hence any religious protection written into the Constitution must and will be ignored.  Welcome to 21st century America.  Now here is the part where you should imagine in your mind the playing of “The Internationale,” the international Communist Party theme.   

The May 13, 2015 edition of The Dallas Morning News on their front page had an article titled “Millions in U.S. lose faith in Christianity.”  The article claims per a PEW survey those in the USA identifying as Christian sunk to around 70% as oppose to 78% a few years ago.

One could easily see the liberals and perverts in Hollywood reading this news with jubilation.  Their forty or so years of continued Christian attacks are seeing the fruits of their work.  Not so fast.  What is the forensics on this survey?  How many people were survived?  Who was survived?  How were the questions framed?  Who paid for the survey?

Reading the survey one can conclude the war on Christians has been successful in the USA, if the survey is to be accepted as “Gospel.” 

The legitimacy of the survey comes into question giving the fact churches in the mid-section of the USA at an expediential rate.   There are many churches labeled “mega churches” where  their weekend attendance range from 10,000 to 50,000.  The huge influx of Mexicans  arriving in the USA the vast majority are practicing Christians (many are Roman Catholic).   
Liberals + Political Correctness + Democrats = War on Christians resulting in a vanquished nation.

Please be aware today it is their War on Christian, tomorrow it will be a War on your faith.  Liberals are never satisfied with their destructive behavior has their thirst for victory can never be quenched. 

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