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Faroe Islands laws welcome Sea Shepherd

Faroe Islands laws welcome Sea Shepherd

Recently Sea Shepherd announced their return to the Faroe Islands and looking for clown volunteers to be part of their new campaign.  The minions will have to pay for their own transportation and food, while Sea Shepherd will cover the cost of “accommodations.”   

Before any of these new clowns spend money to travel to the Faroe Islands they may want to be aware of the following……..

On the cult group website announcement, Sea Shepherd wrote:

“This year, again, our crews will do everything legally possible to ensure that the pilot whales of the Faroe Islands are set free.”

“Everything legally possible….?”  Where was that “legally possible” last year?  Last year (2014) the cult group was accused of theft, vandalism, assault, and possession of an illegal substance.  This year they vow to be legal in preventing the harvesting of whales for free food.  If that is the plan to be legal in their activities then that means no whales will be saved.  The new clown arrivals need to know about the following new laws enacted by the Faroese Parliament.   

Rough analysis of the new laws passed by the Faroese Parliament:

  • Prohibits ANY interference with any whale inside the Faroese Territorial boundary.
  • Will be arrested, if they come within 1 Nautical Mile of a Grind.
  • The Police now have the authority to arrest people preemptively and detain them for up to 12 hours without charges, if they can be suspected of planning to interfere in the Whaling.
  • It is illegal to plan, order or recommend someone to break the law. The person doing so will be arrested.
  • The Police now have the authority to perform house-, car- and ship searches, as well as strip-search persons WITHOUT Court Search Warrants, if the Police suspect intentions of breaking this law.
  • ANY equipment used to break the law or intended for breaking the law can now be confiscated.
  • The recommended jail time for EACH breach of the law is set to 2 years.
  • The MINIMUM fine for breaking the law is ($3.800) which DOUBLES for every additional violation.

This law was passed unanimously by the Faroese Parliament on May 13th 2015.

Reading the new laws the only way to prevent a whale harvesting would be to break the law.  Meaning “illegal” not “legal” activity.  This will not deter the trash from Europe and South Africa from traveling to the Faroe Islands.  Because many in this group look for trouble, are vagabonds, and anarchists.  They roam Europe looking to participate in public disobedience.

In Sea Shepherd’s announcement  they made to following statements:

“…...unnecessary slaughter of cetaceans.”

“……the Faroe Islands no longer require whale meat for sustenance.”

Interpretation:  It is Sea Shepherd who decides what food is “necessary.”  They are the ones who decide what food should be consumed for “sustenance.”  This is typical of their type.  Following their lack-of logic then pizza, popcorn, and sake can no longer be consumer because these three items along with others are not “necessary” to provide “sustenance.” 

If these cultists were ever to be successful in eliminating whales as a food source, they will not stop there.  They will then move on to the next food source to eliminate and continue on from there.  These insidious clowns need to be stopped here and sent back to the slim ridden back alleys of Europe and South Africa. 

Sea Shepherd claiming will follow the law and looking for minions to travel to the Faroe Islands:

Sea Shepherd announcing their return to the Faroe Islands for the 2015 summer:

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