Monday, May 18, 2015

China’s plan for Okinawa, Japan

China’s plan for Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa, Japan enjoys the opportunity to host a number of American military bases, so you think.  There are a growing number of people living in Okinawa who wish to express the sentiment “Yankee Go Home.”  The term is not used outright; it is masqueraded behind a concern over the United States Marine Corps moving a base on the island.  This relocation was and is ripe for exploitation by anti-American drones, the communist in North Korea and China (The Hermit Kingdom and The Middle Kingdom).       

Recently a protest rally was held Okinawa Cellular Stadium in Naha, Okinawa.  It is estimated 35,000 protesters gathered at the stadium.  Questions: 

1 - Who paid for the rental of that stadium? 
2 - Looking at photographs of this event it was noticeable the absence of Japanese flags, how come?

These protestors claim to be patriots concerned Okinawa is host to many USA bases.  Patriots without flags? 

The Russian news agency “RT” (see link below) reported the following:

“No matter how long it might take, we will never give up our fight until the government gives it up,” said Keiichi Takara, director of the Confederation of Trade Unions Okinawa. “Through the rally, we will reaffirm our resolved commitment.”

Oh, oh, that quote from that group screams “Hello we support the Communist in China.”  Major unions in the USA have long ago tilted far to the left in support of socialism and one has to suspect the same of the above mentioned group given its current obsession.   

The Communist in China do not plan long-rage in ten, fifteen, or twenty year terms.  They plan for the future by one, two, or three generations to achieve a goal.  The protest in Okinawa are only one small part of China’s long range plan cleanse Okinawa of USA military bases if not outright acquisition of the island.  The USA military bases serve as a strong deterrent to China’s aggression in Asia.  Those bases must be removed in order to allow Chinese aggression to go unchallenged.      

The island is being infiltrated with people from China, communist sympathizers, and anti-American drones.  They have worked their way into the schools and news media.  They are inciting the people to resent the National government in Tokyo for allowing the bases.  This resentment towards Tokyo will lead to further discontent to a possible plebiscite seeking independence from Japan.

Once that happens China’s PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) will move in to fill the void. That will be a natural progression given the Chinese are already claiming Okinawa is part of China, not Japan (see links below).       

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Okinawa, China ???


kujirakira said...

It seems rather disingenuous to lump all those groups together.
The negative impact of many extensive (and foreign) military bases isn't negligible. As a United States Marine that served in Iwakuni, I empathize with Okinawan citizens.
That doesn't mean I agree with their end goals -- but you can't honestly downplay helicopters crashing into schools or all the rapes. When I served there, NonNCOs weren't allowed to leave base by themselves -- we had to be in a group -- because of the high profile rapes by those that preceded us. While I took it as a personal insult (I wasn't going to rape anyone, and the absurdity of serving in Afghanistan only to come back to a glorified prison did not amuse me), the impact on the local community was obviously much greater.
Bear in mind, before me the US Government often refused to cooperate with Japanese police even on violent crimes such as rape and would use SOFA to protect them and send the suspects back to the States rather than allow them to go through the justice system. Thankfully that has changed.
I also observed first hand several incidents of varying degree. 2 Corporals stealing car parts (apprehended by local police thanks to newfound cooperation between US Military and Japan), a Staff NCO chewing out a waitress (likely HS student) for not speaking English -- off base, a Marine that picked a fight with the yakuza in Hiroshima, a General having a full-on pissing contest with Okinawan government, and god only knows how many disparaging remarks towards Asian women in general (with a culture that pigeonholes Asian women as nothing but sex toys it wasn't difficult to imagine why there were rape incidents in the 90s that preceded my service in 2000). These were all by a minority -- even the disparaging remarks -- but it only takes 1, doesn't it? And while it was a very much a minority, there were a lot more than 1.
The US Military is generally a very good organization, but it's not without flaws. And it often puts the legitimate concerns (including basic safety and human life) of foreign hosts far below their personal preferences.

kujirakira said...

The Futenma issue is also rather complicated and you oversimplify it.
- The relocation spot was designated as an endangered area for Dugong before US Military got involved. But keeping with what I said earlier, Pentagon thinks it can just bulldoze ahead regardless of other country's politics and laws.
- Most of the Futenma personnel are being relocated to Guam. This was a good compromise by US Military. It's not enough for Okinawans, and I empathize, but reality just isn't in their corner. Okinawa is what we call an unsinkable aircraft carrier. And it's prime real estate in strategic warfare -- capable of providing immediate air support to both Taiwan and South Korea. There is going to be military in Okinawa for decades (centuries?) to come because of this fact. Whether it's American, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Okinawan ... there will be a large military there. The operational elements of 1st MAW (ie all the aircraft, esp helicopters) are irrevocably married to the the operational elements of 3rd MarDiv (ie infantry tanks etc) -- combined arms is fundamental to Marine Corps' philosophy. Where one goes, the other will be very close by. Relocating the aircraft at Futenma off Okinawa is not going to happen.
- Relocating the aircraft to another base, such as Kadena, is perfectly viable. But again, inconvenient to the Pentagon. And here we can see how utterly brazen and self-serving the Pentagon can be. There is an 18 hole golf course that butts up to Kadena's flightline. Yet the Pentagon tells everyone there isn't space for helicopters, barracks, etc. That base had plenty of green fields (besides just the golf course) when we stayed there for 2 days on the way to desert in March 2002.
Moreover, moving to Kadena is cost effective for us tax payers... why are we throwing money down the toilet just to make an offshore island in an endangered habitat when there's ample room at Kadena? Because the Pentagon does whatever it wants with little care about any civilian concerns (American or foreign)... inter-service rivalry is more important than billions of US taxpayer dollars. Letting the USAF keep their 18 hole golf course is more important than Japanese citizens' concerns.

It's absurd really. You don't need to be a Chinese Communist to understand Okinawan's frustration. Approaching the Pentagon's actions with rational criticism doesn't make you anti-American either.
The US Military - and especially the leadership element - isn't above criticism.