Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hey South Korea: “I’m with Stupid”

Hey South Korea:  I’m with Stupid

Want to earn some extra money?  Stand in front of the city hall in Seoul, South Korea selling shirts with the following written on them:  “I’m with Stupid.”  You should make enough to retire on.

The city of Seoul announced they will erect a monument in keeping with the current government in South Korea to widen the wedge between Japan and South Korea.  The monument will the “Comfort Women,” to commemorate the separation of Korea and Japan seventy years ago this August.   

The city will set up a committee to promote the project with a group titled “Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan.”  The name of that committee reads like a Japan-bashing committee. 

The group will work with their counterparts from the Hermit Kingdom (Communist North Korea) and meet in another Communist country: China (The Middle Kingdom).  In essence Seoul, South Korea is working with two communist countries to bash Japan.  Remember South Korea along with the United States and Japan are part of an alliance to deter communist aggression in Asia.

With that in mind Seoul, South Korea is working to enlarge the wedge in the alliance to the delight of the communist in North Korea and China.  Hence the reason “I’m with Stupid” shirts should sell fast in South Korea being purchased by rational thinking South Koreans. 

The City of Seoul is planning to hold an event before August 15, 2015.  That is the date marking the 70th anniversary of the War in the Pacific, World War Two, and the Greater East Asia War.  The planned event is scheduled a few days before August 15 with the goal to usurp the anniversary with more Japan bashing.     

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