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China in fear of an 18 year old man

China in fear of an 18 year old man

The Communist government in Beijing, China demonstrated their fear of an 18 year old resident of Hong Kong named Joshua Wong.

Joshua Wong recently flew to Malaysia upon an invitation from Malaysian students to participate in a forum.  When Mr. Wong arrived at the airport in Malaysia, Malaysian Immigration refused to allow him to enter the country and deported him back to Hong Kong.

An article in The Dallas Morning News dated 27 May 2015 titled “Malaysia bars democracy activist.”  Reading the article there was no mention of China’s involvement.  Searching other U.S.A. news websites also no mention of China.  Checking the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail website revealed possible Chinese involvement as the Daily Mail has not been infected with American political correctness. 

It does not take a rocket scientist to see the Communist hand of China behind this denied entry.  In the latter part of 2014 Malaysian authorities allowing their puppet masters in Beijing to pull their strings, rounded up around a hundred fifty Uighurs at the request of the Chinese government to be returned to China. 

The Uighurs (Uyghur) lives mainly in western China in a region the Communist call Xingjian (the correct name for the region is East Turkistan) are Muslim.  The one hundred fifty Uighurs have never been heard from since being rounded up by compliant Malaysian authorities.  The Malaysian and the Chinese Communist claim no knowledge of their whereabouts.  This is another in a long line of examples that the Communist in China turn The Middle Kingdom (China’s nickname) into The Magic Kingdom where people disappear. 

The protest in Hong Kong where Mr. Joshua Wong was one of the prominent leaders always insisted on non-violence in the spirit of India’s Mahatma Gandhi and the USA’s Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.  The protest were labeled the “umbrella revolution” interchangeable with “umbrella movement.”   

The mighty nation of communist-led China with their aggressive military, oppressive police, and enormous economy are led by leaders who live in fear of an 18 year old young man in Hong Kong.    

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