Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why I love Japan, video one

Why I love Japan, video one

This is the first of what is planned to be a series of video.

For over ten years the United States has been active in a war on terror in the Middle East fighting al-Qaeda, and the Taliban.  There are many instances when the barbarians of these two groups captured dead American military personal the dead bodies wound up mutilated (beheaded, genitalia removed, and other forms of disfigurement).        

Contrast this with an event in the waning days of World War Two in the Pacific Theater.  February 10, 1945 there was a massive American B29 (flying fortresses) massive airstrike on the Nakajima Aircraft Ota Factory north of Tokyo, Japan. 

The Japanese defense forces shot one B-29 causing it to crash into another B-29, resulting in both air craft crashing to the ground with all 23 service members on board dead.  The two super fortresses named “Deaner Boys” and “Slick’s Chick’s” crashed in a Japanese village of Gunma, in Gunma Prefecture. 

Did the citizens of Gunma behead or mutilate any of the bodies belong to the 23 dead Americans?  No, that is because they aircraft crashed into a civilized nation.  A nation with profound respect for those who died in the service of their country be they Japanese or an adversary.  The villages cremated the 23 bodies, then entombed the ashes in a nearby religious shrine. 

At the end of the war the Japanese turn the ashes over to American authorities to be returned to the United States.  Sixty-eight years later the people of Gunma, Japan a memorial to these 23 Americans were placed at a temple.  The dedication ceremony was March, 2013, attended by Japanese citizens, and members of the United States Air Force stationed at Yokota Air Force Base in Japan.       

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