Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PETA continues the killings

PETA continues the killings

An article appearing in The Dallas Morning News, reprinted from The New York Times, headlined:

“PETA draws fire for killing 2,00 dogs and cats a year”

P.E.T.A (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has been accused of murdering, slaughtering dogs and cats for years.  These murdered cats and dogs having their lives extinguished at the hands of a group masquerading as having concern for their welfare. 

The cats and dogs murdered by P. E. T. A. could have easily been transferred to a number of no-kill shelters in the USA.  But for whatever perverted, hypocritical reason, PETA found it expedite and cost effective to murder these homeless creatures.  PETA’s pathetic excuse for these executions was the animals are better off dead than to live a miserable live on the streets or the abusive homes they were recused from. 

This mockery continues through the perverts in Hollywood who whenever a movie is made using an animal or animals they must satisfy any concerns by PETA as to the safety of the animals used.  It has been reported that animal so-called rights lunatics throw red paint on people wearing fur coats, thus destroying the coats.  This only causes the further harvesting of fur bearing animals to produce replacement fur coats. 

Some years ago in New York City (NYC) at Madison Square Garden there was a dog show by t he Westminster Kennel Club.  PETA objects to the breeding of dogs to obtain a pure line for the animals.  In their form of protests they wore the white robes and hoods of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK or K.K.K.).  The white robes and white pointed hoods of this group are offensive to blacks and all decent Americans on so many levels.  But not to PETA as PETA finds the KKK as a group to promote through their childish behavior. 

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