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Sea Shepherd Tax Exempt denied

Sea Shepherd Tax Exempt denied

August of 2012 Sea Shepherd was denied tax-exempt status in Australia.  Sea Shepherd in their typical holier than thou self-righteous indignation appeal the decision.  The Australian Court ruled on the appeal and once again denied Sea Shepherd tax exempt status in Australia.  Plus Sea Shepherd was ordered to pay court cost.

Seems like most of the money donated by Sea Suckers around the world goes to pay for court cost, bail forfeiture, repair purposely damaged vessels, and keeping the fugitive a fugitive. 

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States issued an injunctions prohibiting Sea Shepherd from sailing within five hundred yards of the Japanese mariners in the Southern Ocean and labeled them pirates.  May Sea Shepherd supporters bellowed the Court’s decision has no jurisdiction in the Southern Ocean nor on any of Sea Shepherd’s vessels not registered in the USA.

What they ignored was the ramifications of that decision not yet rendered, until now.  Sea Shepherd Australia stated tax exempt status in Australia was needed to compensate for lost donations from the USA since that court’s decision / injunction.  Ramifications!

Fugitive Watson was recently interviewed on a Los Angeles radio talk show.  Towards the end they were discussion Interpol’s red alert and the Japanese arrest warrant.  The Fugitive said Japan only issued what charge against him something like “trespassing,” questioning the legitimacy of Interpol’s red alert.  Seems like the Fugitive is reality challenged.

The Japanese charges filed against Paul Watson are:
-          Breaking into the Vessel
-          Damage to Property
-          Forcible Obstruction of Business
-          Injury

The legitimacy of the charges are not being discussed here, just to illustrate the charge are far greater than “trespassing.”    

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