Monday, July 1, 2013

Japan Trip video clips

Japan trip video clips

This is a compilation video clips from past Japan trips not used in previous videos.

Clip one:  Illustrating a ring tone of me speaking (Taiji, Japan).
Clip two: Me standing in front of a store in Nachikatsuura, Japan (town next to Taiji, Japan) which sells whale meat.
Clip three: Fishermen Association auction house in Taiji, Japan.
Clip four:  Shun’s customized Chevrolet van somewhere in Japan, exhibiting underbody lights.
Clip five:  Wearing a bib at a restaurant, no sure of the city, perhaps it was a Denny’s.
Clip six:   At another restaurant illustrating the wet-wipes common in many Japanese eateries. 
Clip seven: At a hotel room in Kumagaya, Japan, testing video camera.
Clip eight: At another restaurant in Kumagaya, Japan with good friends Takashi, and Kiyokazu.

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