Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Okay to laugh at these foreigners in Japan

Okay to laugh at these foreigners
Japanese culture and traditions are unique to the nation of Japan.  The Japanese realize their uniqueness and understand when foreigners visit Japan and they make mistakes in manners and culture.  Because of the respect and good manners among the people of Japan it is rare for them to laugh at foreigners making these mistakes.

With summer here many in Japan are thinking about if not planning vacations.  A suggestion for a vacation by people in Japan would be to take their vacation between September and February.  During this period they can travel to the one place in Japan where it is acceptable to laugh at foreigners.

That place is Taiji, Japan.  During the months from September through February foreigners travel to Taiji to harass, and intimidate the residents of Taiji.  To accomplish this task they continually ignore and violate Japanese customs, traditions, and good manners.  These foreigners mainly belong to Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians comprised mostly of self-righteous smug rude cultists from the West. 

The people of Japan can follow these Cove Cowards around Taiji, point at them laugh, and roll on the ground in laughter all perfectly permissible in Taiji.  The Cove Cowards enjoy following the people of Taiji harassing them as they engage in their daily activities.  The “laugh at the foreigners” tourist can follow the Cove Cowards when they are in their hotels, in restaurants, or walking around, and point and laugh. 

Just be warned:  Do not get too close to these foreigners as they might be infested with bed bugs, lice, tics, fleas, and yeast infections. 

Example of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians disgusting behavior in Taiji, Japan (WARNING, civilized people will get upset watching their miserable behavior):
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Anonymous said...

Tourists? No, these people are here to stop people slaughtering our dolphins. I want Japan's dolphins to swim free and live long lives. The Sea Shepherds want them to live long lives too. Many things have changed in our history and I think, we can change this too. Do you like watching dolphins die? It is very sad.