Monday, July 22, 2013

Why I Love Japan, 2nd video

Why I love Japan, 2nd video

This is the second video in the series.

Vending machines are rampart throughout Japan where almost anything can be purchased.  They can be found in lonely remote areas while blanketing large cities such as Tokyo.  Now contrast the numerous vending machines to some vending machines in the USA.  It is not uncommon to see vending machines located in rest areas our other outside areas to be locked behind cages or prison type bars.

While exiting an automatic parking garage in Japan to pay one stops at a machine to deposit the
parking fee.  On the machine is a screen with an animated lady offering instructions and the amount owed.  Once the amount is paid, the animated lady bows and says “arigato” (Japanese for “thank you”)

Contrast that to a parking garage in Louisville, Kentucky.  Upon entering the garage a sign atop the ticket dispensing machine reads “Lock it or Lose it.”  Contrast?

Traveling throughout Japan one notices the frequency which bicycles are used by the populace from grade school children to retired adults.  What is very noticeable is how these bicycles are left unattended with minimal attention paid to theft. 

In this video is illustrated a bicycle garage or bike-port (carport).  Bicycles belong to the inhabitants of the apartment building place their bicycles on racks in this open easy accessible bicycle garage.  The bikes are not locked on the racks, just placed on them.  Meaning one can remove the bike from the racks to take possession (steal) of the front baskets and front wheels.  Most of the back wheels were secured with a clamp style safety device.       

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