Monday, July 22, 2013

Send an ex-Cove Guardian to Taiji Japan

Send an ex-Cove Guardian to Taiji Japan

Please send an ex-Cove Guardian back to Taiji, Japan.  A young lady was part of the Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians in 2011.  Since then she is no longer a member of Sea Shepherd and her one-time husband is now her ex-husband. 

She is now begging for $3,000 to send her back to Taiji for one week.  Please donate to send her back to Taiji.  She will not be part of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians but part of “Save Japan Dolphins” and the “Blue Ocean Foundation.”  By sending her to Taiji you will be helping with the economy in Taiji and surrounding communities.  When these foreigners to go Taiji to “document” and condemn the dolphin activity they contribute to the economy. 

It seems the more foreigners that go to Taiji more dolphins are captured by the Taiji fishermen.  These foreigners present some mythical draw for the dolphins to Taijim, much like the sirens of Greek mythology. 

In 2011 while she was in Taiji, her then husband was employed working for a dairy cooperative in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.  This cooperative involved anywhere from 500 to 700 dairy farms.  On many dairy farms when bovines do not produce a sufficient amount of milk, they are not sent out to pasture, but to the slaughtering house.  So while she was condemning the Taiji fishermen for their dolphin activity, her husband was back in the USA working for a cooperative slaughtering cows.         

Here is where you can donate to send her to Taiji to help the local economy and Taiji fisherman:

Her Facebook page:

Here you can check the progress of money donated to her:

Articles of praise for her, justifying sending her back to Taiji:

Here she relates how caring for the dolphins caused a strain in her marriage:

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Milk and dairy cows:

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