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Comfort Women the truth be told

Comfort Women the truth be told

There is a contentious issue between the nations of Japan and South Korea known as the “Comfort Women.”  Simply the issue is the Koreas are claiming the Japanese during and before World War Two forced Korean into prostitution “sex slaves” to be housed in concubines for the Japanese military.  The Japanese reply these women were recruited and paid prostitutes employed in those concubines.

There is a report in various formats floating around the Internet titled:

“Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49.”

Written in 1944 (ten months before the War’s end) by the U.S. Army.  The report is of the U.S. Army’s interrogation of some of these captured Comfort Women.  They were “captured” and not “freed,” because they were with the Japanese Imperial Army in the Philippines fleeing from the advancing U.S. military.

The report states per these women they were recruited by the Japanese, although some of the recruiting was deceptive, however still recruited.  Basically the Korean claim they were sex slaves forced into prostitution is a lie per the U.S. Army report.  When this report was written both Japan and the USA looked for anything to use as propaganda against the other side.  So it would have been easy and productive to write in this report they were forced, but that would have been a lie.  So to keep the report private because it had no propaganda value it was marked “SECRET.”

The report continues in describing these Comfort Women:  “She is not pretty either by Japanese of Caucasian standards .”  In other words per the U.S. Army these women were ugly.  Perhaps that is why the Korean men did not complain when these ugly women were supposedly taken by force.  Did the Japanese Imperial Army issue two brown paper bags to each of their soldiers?  One to put over the ugly head and one for the soldier’s head. 

According to these women they were well paid and enjoyed many activities with the Japanese soldiers one would not associate with “sex slaves.” 

This report exposes the lie this issue is.  What is disgusting is the Koreans are littering the U.S.A. with monuments / plagues dedicated to the Comfort Women issue condemning the Japanese for forcing women into sexual slavery.  Currently four communities in the USA have been suckered in to placing these disgraceful monuments / plagues and they are in Nassau County, New York, New Jersey, Detroit, Michigan, and Glendale, California.

These Korean Comfort Women hucksters are only interested in exploiting money from Japan and creating a wedge issued between the people of the U.S.A. and Japan.  These monuments / plagues need to be removed because they represent a lie and server as an insult to the nation and people of Japan.        

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Maeve M. said...

Hello! I love Japan, am currently studying here, and ultimately want to live here as well. That being said, I believe the comfort woman issue should be addressed rather than skated over or avoided.
I think that at this point the comfort women don't care about monetary compensation--they're in their 80s and 90s and are soon to leave this world. But before they leave, they want to be acknowledge as human beings rather than subhuman, which was the status they possessed as comfort women.
I don't want to beat you over the head with arguments or call you a bad person, because that just further breeds hate. But I think you would be interested in reading the book "Comfort Woman: A Filipina’s Story of Prostitution and Slavery Under the Japanese Military" by Maria Rosa Henson. It is her story as a comfort woman and it is really heartbreaking.
The comfort women don't want to point fingers--they want the closure that they were denied for 50 years.
Thank you, and God bless!