Friday, July 5, 2013

Environmentalist and liberals seek to depress the USA

Environmentalist and liberals seek to
depress the USA 

The Canadians (that is “Canada” the country north of the USA) have an abundance of oil.  They want to sell that oil to the USA and transport it via a pipeline to be built from Canada to the refineries on the Texas Gulf coast. 

The pipeline known as the Keystone Pipeline System (Keystone XL) and has been under constant assault by animal rights groups, environmentalist, leftist, Democrats, and President Obama.  They oppose the pipeline claiming the pipeline will damage the environment and the delivery to the refineries will contribute to global pollution. 

This is a prime example that Democrats, animal right groups, environmentalist, and American liberals care nothing about animals or the environment.  Their main and sole concern is to cripple capitalism in the USA.  These groups / people believe the USA is a cancer upon the earth and must be driven to third-world poverty to save the earth.  

The Canadians are not stupid and will not let the oil stay in the ground.  China has offered to purchase it and if not sold to the USA, will be sold to China.

The oil if transported in that pipeline virtually no resulting pollution.  If that oil is loaded on takers to be transported across the width of the Pacific Ocean, those huge tankers cause enormous amounts of pollutants.  The refineries in Texas produce gasoline with minimal pollution as oppose to the polluting refineries in China.  The gasoline produced in the Texas refineries are put into USA vehicles laden with pollution control devices.  The gasoline sold in China enters vehicles known for the lack of pollution controls.

Basically selling that oil to China will cause greater pollution upon this earth as oppose to selling it to the USA.  However none of this matters to American liberals, animal rights, environmentalist, and the Democrats.  As their goal is not to save the planet as it is to destroy the USA. 

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