Friday, July 5, 2013

California bans shark fins

California bans shark fins

The state of California recently issued a ban on the sale of shark fins.  This one legislative act has done more to protect sharks than those self-proclaimed protectors of the seas, Sea Shepherd and their minions. 

Recently CITES, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, voted to extend protection to many sharks.  The news article in reference to this new CITES protection read:

”Ultimately the effectiveness of the measures depends on whether national governments enforce them because CITES has no enforcement mechanism of its own.”

Huh?  Where is Sea Shepherd protector of the seas?  Now that Sea Shepherd finished harassing the fishermen of Taiji, Japan, and Japanese mariners in the Southern Ocean, they can now help enforce this new protection for sharks by CITES.

Remember when Sea Shepherd harasses the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean they claim they are enforcing international and Australian laws.  Can we expect to see Sea Shepherd in Mexican and Chinese waters enforcing CITES new protections for the sharks?

Not on your life!  Theses spoiled trust fund babies only go after passive people and fear any opposition.  Bullies act as bullies when there is no resistance, thus we find these trust-fund bullies in Taiji, Japan and the Southern Ocean acting bold and brave against a passive people.  How about some of this bravado in Chinese and Mexican waters? 

When the Japanese harvest dolphins and whales they use the whole product for some type of food
production.  When the Mexican and Chinese fishermen capture sharks for their fins, they cut the fins off and dump the live shark back in the ocean alive to sink to the bottom unable to swim.  There the shark dies a slow, miserable death.  This will continue because the self-proclaim protectors of the seas are scared to sail into Mexican and Chinese waters.  Cowards!       

Part of Sea Shepherd’s mission statement reads:
“Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.”

Perhaps they should include in the mission statement: 

“This mission statement excludes sharks in Mexican and Chinese fishing waters.”

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