Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trouble headed for the Faroe Islands

Trouble headed for the Faroe Islands

This video is a warning / advisory for the descendants of the Vikings the good people of the Faroe Islands.  There is a gentleman named Martyn Stewart headed towards your picturesque islands.  He is not going there to enjoy the hospitality of the people or enjoy the scenery.  Speculation his intentions are sinister.

Background:  When the fugitive Watson was on the Greenpeace team he objected to their tactics as being too passive.  Mr. Fugitive Watson felt they should be more aggressive and confrontational.  This disagreement in tactics led the fugitive to leave Greenpeace and form Sea Shepherd. 

A few years ago Sea Shepherd formed a sub-human group titled the Cove Guardians, better known as “the Cove Coward Guardians.” This group was formed to exploit the notoriety of Taiji, Japan after the release of the propaganda film “The Cove.”  The popularity of this questionable film made Taiji ripe for exploitation and get suckers around the world to donate money to Sea Shepherd. 

The sub-group while in Taiji harass and intimidate the locals exhibiting their disgusting behavior portraying a negative image of the West.  Part of this vermin infested group was a gentleman named Martyn Stewart.  Mr. Stewart is a videographer of wildlife.  While in Taiji Mr. Stewart engaged in reprehensible disgusting behavior.  His behavior was so repugnant that the following season Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians threw him out of their group of harassers. 

Martyn Stewart announced on his Facebook page he was on his way to the Faroe Island.  That announcement caused the creation of this video as a warning to the good people of the Faroe Islands to avoid this man.          

A video detailing his activities:

Videos of Sea Shepherd cultist harassing the good people of Taiji, Japan:

Martyn Stewart’s Facebook page announcing he is headed for the Faroe Islands (see entry June 25, 2013):

Martyn’s YouTube channel:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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