Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NSA, Snowden, and China - Huh?

NSA, Snowden, and China - huh?

The NSA data mining telephone numbers dialed to and from the USA and perhaps more.  The Obama Administration claims many terrorist activities were prevented because of this program.  Really?  The Boston bombing terrorist used social media, and made numerous telephone calls overseas promoting their intended act of terrorism, so where was the NSA then?  Something stinks here.

Then Edward Snowden (so-called whistleblower) with a limited education gets a job as a contractor at NSA gains access to sensitive information, after three months squeals, leaves the country, and ends up in Hong Kong, China (commie China).  Mr. Snowden claims he did what he did because it was wrong for the government to be gathering such massive information on citizens.  So he goes to China where they perfected the art of personal intrusion and government monitoring?  Something stinks here.  

It has been known for years if certain key words or threats were mentioned during a telephone conversation the call would be picked up by government surveillance.  So why the big deal now?  Something stinks here.   

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