Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Endangered fin whales slaughtered and where is Sea Shepherd?

Where is Sea Shepherd? 

Where is Sea Shepherd?  Oh that’s right it is Iceland and not Japan.  Seems like more proof Sea Shepherd, their supporters, and their types hate Japan.  Because if they truly cared about whales they would be in Iceland protecting the endangered fin whales instead of protecting mink whales where there is an abundance. 

Perhaps Sea Shepherd’s absence is due to they are using their money to outfit their rust-bucket garbage scows in luxurious amenities.  Also money needed to keep the fugitive Watson a fugitive.  That seems more important than their stated mission of saving whales. 

Money spent by Sea Shepherd on refitting the bridge of the Steve Irwin for the fugitive:

The Sam Simon’s new paint job:
Both photographs from their Facebook page:

Money better spent on Sea Shepherd’s pompous lifestyle rather than saving endangered whales in the North Atlantic.
However if Japan was in the North Atlantic odds are Sea Shepherd would be their expressing their hate of Japan and the Japanese people to the delight of their supporters and their types.    
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