Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Communist" China?

Communist” China?

In many of my China related videos I refer to China in some of the following terms:

- Red China
- Commie led China
- Commie land China
- Commies in China.

Resulting in criticism from YouTubers attempting engage in “upmanship,” and “gotcha,” by claiming China is not communist because of their capitalistic economy.  Sure China is more capitalistic than the USA; however their government is still communist. 

This is not my evaluation but their claim.  The ruling political party is the Communist Party.  The largest star on their flag and national emblem represent the Communist Party.  The huge portrait of Communist Mao Zedong hangs prominently in Tiananmen Square.  The “hammer and sickle” (the communist emblem) proudly displayed throughout The Middle Kingdom (China).

“Communist” is what the government calls their ruling party and prompently displayed throughout the land, so why must we deny what they call themselves?

Explanation of China’s flag:

Explanation of China’s National Emblem:

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